2022 Artistic Director of Finland’s Avanti! Summer Sounds Festival

June 29, 2022

I am excited to join the Avanti musicians for the 2022 festival entitled “Body Language.” Each concert has its own unique design – setting up sympathetic resonances and contrasts to create unfolding sonic journeys. New American music abounds. Historic renegades sit side by side with music hot-off-the press. Many of my own works will be performed in Finland for the very first time, including Steel Hammer featuring the magical voices of Trio Mediaeval, and riSE and fLY with the rapid-fire body percussion of Colin Currie, Cruel Sister, Big Beautiful Dark and Scary (version for orchestra), among others.

Music by my New York compatriots, composers Michael Gordon and David Lang, will be heard in orchestral and chamber offerings. Iconic American composers John Luther Adams, Meredith Monk, Steve Reich, and John Adams are joined by a new generation of composers including Shelley Washington, Robert Honstein, Caroline Shaw, and Anna Clyne. Sandwiched in-between are works from earlier years with composers Ludwig van Beethoven and Fanny Mendelssohn, among others, marking incredible moments of music history. Other special guests include electric guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Mark Stewart, and conductors Brad Lubman and József Hárs. It has been my great honor to develop this year’s festival in thoughtful dialogue with Artistic Director Kari Krikku, as we shared ideas, dreams, and plans across the ocean.

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Wolfe’s works receiving performances at Avanti! Summer Sounds include: