General Inquiries

info [at] juliawolfemusic [dot] com

Red Poppy Music
mike [at] redpoppymusic [dot] com (Mike McCurdy), managing director
80 Hanson Pl #301
Brooklyn, NY 11217


Publicity (press inquiries, interviews, etc.)

amanda [at] firstchairpromo [dot] com (Amanda Ameer), publicist
First Chair Promotion


Obtaining Scores

Please click on this link to complete a form to PURCHASE MUSIC (5 players or fewer)

If you are needing to RENT/HIRE music (6 players or more), go to to place your rental/hire order.


Rights for Film and TV

To license any of Julia Wolfe's pre-existing music for any synchronization please go to: or email: info [at] bangonacansound [dot] com 

Rights for dance and other staged works

For all music please contact info [at] redpoppymusic [dot] com (Red Poppy Music)


Website Development

i [at] inkaxresch [dot] com (Inka Resch) and Luis Castañeda, Website Design
Square Candy, Website Development and Consulting